Macduff Town Hall Exhibiton

Lighted Rooms

For the 2015 key note exhibition the main hall at Macduff will be divided into six galleries each showing a distinct exhibition.

Whatever material a visual artist chooses to use, paint, stone, metal or pixels on a screen, they are ultimately arranging a pattern of light in space in the same way as musicians arrange a pattern of sounds in time.

Graeme Whipps: “Aurora” photographs and a presentation on the natural phenomenon

David Watson Hood: “Tables of Unspoken Dreams”  and a performance painting “Infinite Shades of Grey”

An exhibition of works utilising forms and techniques from the traditions of Chinese scholars’ art: hanging scroll painting, seal cutting, ink stone carving, ceramics and other techniques including the scroll mounting process itself. The performance painting to be produced in situ during the festival will explore the potential of traditional Chinese inks to achieve a huge tonal range between light and dark.

Hazel Pritchard: Paintings exploring the recently exposed ancient remains of a prehistoric forest on the Welsh coast and the differences in perception created by the quality of light experienced in the South West states of USA and the North East of Scotland

Debbie Plaskett: Paintings on the theme of windows by a mural artist and decorative painter, specialising in trompe l’oeil painting

Theo Shields: “Oak and Iron” Oak and Iron focuses attention on the important relationship between industrial trades and contemporary art in Scotland, shining a light on ‘makers’ and elevate materials from their ordinary context. Sculptor Theo Shields has brought together Fraser Waugh from Edinburgh Cast-Metals, Edinburgh based carpenter Chris Scotland, and documentary filmmaker Douglas Caldow. Containing elements of both Fraser and Scotland’s professions and combining traditional practices and native materials, Shields has produced a series of sculptures in Scottish oak and recycled iron. Caldow’s video pieces document the legacy of Waugh and Scotland’s trades and the connection these professions hold with raw materials and forms.

Bibo Keeley: “The Light at the End of the Tunnel” Photography and sculpture which deal with the artist’s experience of nearly losing a loved one.

Making work for Theo Shields: “Oak and Iron”