Duff House

This magnificent Georgian mansion, designed in 1735 by renowned Scottish architect William Adam, boasts superbly furnished rooms and a range of art treasures, including works from the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection.


‘Through Glass’

Keiko Mukaide and Clare Wilson

Keiko Mukaide

‘ Light of the North’ at Tate St. Ives, 2006

Internationally acclaimed contemporary glass artist, Keiko Mukaide will be exhibiting work which relates to her “Light of the North” installation, first exhibited at Tate St Ives in 2006. Born in Japan and now living and working in Fife, Keiko has commented that the inspiration for her glass making has evolved from the nature of the material itself and its qualities which are unlike any other material.

Her art work employs a number of glass making techniques, casting and fusing glass in a kiln, manipulating glass in a blowing studio and even gluing shards of dichroic glass to wire nets. Her recent work has been to produce large scale, site specific installations constructed from multiple small scale glass items.

‘Light of the North’ has as an integral component a Lighthouse Lens. The Lens on show is being loaned by the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh.Keiko















Clare Wilson

Clare is currently Glass Artist in Residence at Edinburgh College of Art.

‘I love creating things with my hands. The satisfaction and pure joy of a finished piece is almost unrivalled for me. Having worked with and tested numerous materials throughout my education and adult life; I came across glass almost by accident and was instantly captured by this fascinating, mysterious and often challenging material.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a place within the glass studio training program at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design in Australia; which focuses on training through blown glass production. This opened my eyes to the infinite proficiencies and vast possibilities available to a glass maker. These techniques, design sensibilities and the continual enthusiasm, learnt at the JamFactory, will always have an incredible influence over the way I think about creating work.

I am inspired by the process and technique involved in glass blowing, always wanting to develop my skills and learn new processes. I frequently develop new ideas whilst working, thinking through making. I create work using a variety of methods, mainly glass blowing, cold working (carving and grinding the glass) and kiln forming, often interlacing these processes to create one piece of work. I am currently focusing on researching Venetian cane techniques, experimenting with and developing an entirely new series of blown glass work using cane and murrine.’Clare Wilson