The Thought of Home

“The Thought of Home” Exhibition Project is organised and curated by the Banff & Buchan Arts Forum, and takes place in Macduff Town Hall.

The show features a selection of work by invited artists.

The ‘Thought’ of Home.

Ceard's Cove' ink and colour on xuan paper by David Watson Hood.

‘The Hermit’s Cave in Ceard’s Cove’ ink and colour on xuan paper by David Watson Hood.

Is home really a ‘country’? 
Can it have anything to do with the political construct of ‘nationality’?
Is home ‘Caledonia’ or ‘My Ain Hame Land’?  
A place pined for from a distance that becomes less visible the closer you get?
Is home a group of people?  
Is home a house?  
Is home a culture?  
Is home anywhere you can light a fire?  
Is home where you were born? 
Is it where you hope to die?  
Is home a time in the past or the future?  
Is home any place you can put the kettle on without asking?  
Is a home, and the entitlement to one, inevitably just a by-product of legal property rights?  
Is home your patch of cardboard in an underpass?  
Is home not in this world?  
Is it Tír nan Óg “Land of the Young in the uttermost West”?  
Is it a place inside your head you can never quite find a match for in external reality?
Is home a small blue dot in a photograph a very long way from the next planet with a breathable atmosphere……………?